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Thread: Database Authentication MS Access

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    Black Guest

    Default Database Authentication MS Access

    I need sample code on how to password protect pages in a website.<BR>I would like to use database authentication.

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    Default Pick a forum, any forum

    but do not pick more than one. Look for answers in the database Q&A.

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    Black Guest

    Default RE: Pick a forum, any forum

    What ever

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    brother love Guest

    Default abbreviated explanation

    this is the basic structure of ONE solution:<BR><BR>page1.asp<BR>---------<BR>* check cookies (or session variables) to see if user is logged in<BR>* if so, response.write page contents<BR>* else, response.redirect to login.asp<BR><BR>login.asp<BR>---------<BR>* display a form containing text input for username and password<BR>* on submit, validate<BR>* if entries are valid, check the db to see if the username/password pair exist in the db<BR>* if so, set cookie (or session var) to say that the user is logged in (you may want to actually put his username in there to keep track of him while he&#039;s on the site)<BR>* else, make him try again

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    black Guest

    Default RE: abbreviated explanation


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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Default What a

    jackass!!!<BR><BR>Good lord man, he gave you the answer!

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    Black Guest

    Default RE: abbreviated explanation

    Thanks, this is excatly what I am trying to do. Putting the code together is what is giving me a hard time.

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    Black Guest

    Default RE: What a

    Eat a dick, you people think your hot **** over this machine, but I bet I would not need help putting my foot in your ***!

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    Default Too bad.

    No code for jackasses.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Default LOL! You're pretty witty, eh?

    Come on over friend...<BR><BR>You must be all about 16 by now, huh? I know puberty can be tough on your hormones, so we&#039;ll let you slide this time.

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