Hi!<BR><BR>I am fresher to ORACLE and facing the problem described below.<BR><BR>I was trying to connect to thru COM and ASP ORACLE and access the oracle sp&#039;s written using REF CURSOR type. I was able to retreive the recordset when I send just 1 input parameter. If it is 2 it is saying "Column doesn&#039;t exist". This was thru COM. SO I gave up and started connecting to ORACLE directly from ASP and access the db directly by writing sql&#039;s. Here, I was able to retreive the RS when I hardcode the values for input parameters directly in the WHERE Clause. If I send the same values thru variables and write SQL assigning them in the where condition, I am getting the same error "Column does...")..<BR><BR>So any please please help me out in finding what is going behind, ASAP.<BR><BR>Thanks..