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    Ok here&#039;s the deal. In a database i have different forums for my website. however a form can be a sub-forum of another forum. Like "US History" can be a sub-forum of forum "Class Subjects", just so you understand what i&#039;m talking about. now, i need a way to quickly and EASILY display what forums are sub-forums of other forums in the backend for my website. i&#039;ve thought about it long and hard, and the best way i can think of achieving this is by having them listed like you would have your folders listed when you&#039;re using Windows File Explorer. Click the &#039;+&#039; next to a forum, and all sub-forums are then displayed. Click the &#039;+&#039; again and all sub-forums disappear.<BR><BR>the only two ways i could think of getting this to work is with Javascript or XML. Javascript seemed too complex, so i decided to go with XML (http://www.slashdot.org/slashdot.xml to see what i&#039;m talking about). my problem however, is that the browser won&#039;t read it as an XML document, unless it has a .xml extension. however since i need to dynamically create these lists, i need to use ASP. and the server won&#039;t use ASP unless it has a .asp extension.<BR><BR>so there&#039;s the conflict. how can i get XML into my ASP webpages? ANYTHING i can get will be useful. This messageboard system has come through for me before, and i believe it will again.<BR><BR>- Matt

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    You can tell your server to interprest XML files with the ASP parser. I think it&#039;s a setting for each web site on an IIS server. I would have to look to figure out where the setting is.

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