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Thread: Sending a "link" using CDONTS

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    Jim Thomas Guest

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    I would like to send an email using CDONTS, that has a message<BR>body with some normal text and a link to an Active Server page.<BR>Can anyone show an example of how I can do this. Thanks in advance.

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    ray charles Guest

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    My Tirade: "links" as you call them, I assume, are the underlined bits in e-mails you can click on to open a page. These can be done in e-mails that are written in HTML. <BR><BR>However, not every e-mail client in the world supports HTML. Some e-mail clients will convert an address starting with "http://" or "www." to a "link" automatically, but not all do. <BR><BR>Frankly, it is a bad idea to try to force this to happen. You are better off putting your reference in as plain text and let the recipients e-mail client do what it can do. That way you don&#039;t have to worry about making it harder for those people using clients that won&#039;t work that way.

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    I&#039;m begging people not to use HTML formatted e-mail. Those of us who use unix/linux e-mail clients have to work harder to read them.

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