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    How can I pass a javascript variable to a asp variable so that I can insert the variables in to a database.My javascript variables are screen.width and screen.height.<BR> Thanks for the answers<BR>Olivier

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    I&#039;ve found that the easiest way to do that is to put the javascript variables into hidden text boxes on a form. When you submit the form, you can get those values from the request.form collection in asp and insert them into the database

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    olivier Guest

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    I actually did exactly the same thing but is there any other way,because I do not want the user to submit a form.<BR>Olivier

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    The JavaScript variables are client-side, and can&#039;t be passed to ASP variables on the same page, because the ASP variables are server-side. The only way to pass a JavaScript variable to an ASP variable is by passing it to the next page via a form or a querystring. Depending on how you are getting to the page that will update the database, you could include JavaScript that will submit a form with hidden values when the user clicks a link, if you don&#039;t want them to actually have to submit a form.

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