Does Noone Know how to find a BLOB's size

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Thread: Does Noone Know how to find a BLOB's size

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    Default Does Noone Know how to find a BLOB's size

    I'm trying to find the size of a Binary Large Object stored in a sql DB so that I can use the size in an 'if...then' statement. Can anyone help.

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    Default You probably won't get an answer...

    &nbsp;<BR> ...There aren&#039;t a lot of people that store images in a<BR> database anymore because of the unnecessary overhead with<BR> retrieving them. Most large scale RDBMS system support it<BR> but it&#039;s not necessarily recommended for web use. Many people<BR> store the image filename in the database instead.<BR><BR> But, that doesn&#039;t answer your question.<BR><BR> I don&#039;t use MYSQL so I don&#039;t have an exact answer for you.<BR> SQL Server 2000 supports the Read method on ISequentialStream.<BR> I don&#039;t know if that is similar to what may be<BR> available in MYSQL.<BR><BR>

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    Default Look at ur previous post... <eop>


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