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    Default Session & LogOut items?????????

    Hello all...<BR>I&#039;m tracking online users in a web app, and have just realized that by keeping a "LoggedIn" YES/NO field in the tblLoggedIn table, I&#039;ll only get that field actually correct when the user logs out (by clicking on the logged out button) which then updates that field. <BR><BR>What I&#039;d like to know,is how do I also update that field when the Session times out? That is, if the user walks away from their box and is gone more&#039;n 20 minutes, how can I then send the same "LoggedIn" field a 0 so that I can log them out -- which would be reflected on an admin screen showing all online users?<BR><BR>Anyone here got an answer or pointer to an article for help here?<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>

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    You have some kind of ap on your server checking connections I dont see how.<BR><BR>

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