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    Does anyone know if it&#039;s possible to send a meeting request to a user&#039;s Outlook inbox via a form on an ASP site?<BR><BR>For example, a user selects a training course to attend, chooses a date and venue, makes the booking and receives confirmation online. At the same time, can the form collate all of the info into a meeting request which is sent off to the user at the time of booking confirmation?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default yes you can kinda

    do some r&d into ical files. Technique involves setting<BR>response.contenttype = correct mime type for ical files. Then response.writing back the correct fromat of ical file with correct information. Requires the user to actually save the info in calendar of course. When opened by the user it looks like when you open a calendar item in outlook. I&#039;ve tested it in outlook 2000, can however mis intrepret the times of the meeting, office sp1 is supposed to fix.

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