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    Kellan Guest

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    I want to be able to refresh the screen with a querystring, rather than have to submit a form.. but I also want access to the information entered into the form... Is there any way to do this..

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    If you are refreshing the page using F5 or the browser button it actually makes a round trip back to the server and gets that page again and if it is an .asp page then it is re-interpreted again.<BR><BR>But if you want to make a button in your .asp page that says "REFRESH" then you can submit the data inside your &#060;form&#062;...&#060;/form&#062; but you do not want to use the method POST right! you want GET is that correct?

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    Kellan Guest

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    What I want to refresh my page like a link....<BR>Like &#060;A href = "javascript:CheckScan()"&#062;&#060;/A&#062;<BR>Only I want it to work using an ASP function.. I can do this using a javascript/VBScript function but I don&#039;t know how to do it using a function that is written in ASP, (Although I do know that ASP uses VB syntax)

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