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    I am currently building a web portal for a school within my university, and would like some kind of personalisation feature, whereby the user can select a red background with yellow writing or black and white etc. Can I use ASP code to do this and if so, how?<BR><BR>Is this also the same principle should I decide to have an option of different pictures to use as backdrops?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    This is really no problem to do at all. You can ask your users on your web page to chose all these things and then store their response in cookies (which are stored on the client side). Each time they access the page your ASP code can query those cookies for background colour, text etc. You shouldn&#039;t leave them too free to chose though - they could create a disasterous page where nothing could be read. better use drop down list boxes where at least you can limit their choices.

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