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    Default problem with InternetExplorer component

    hi all,<BR> I am creating an object for InternetExplorer.Using InternetExplorer I am navigating to the and i am able to get the html Doc. Also I am getting reference to the submit button and then firing the Click event on the submitButton. <BR><BR>I am able to get the home page of and also reference to the submit Button But the problem arises when I fire the click event on the submit Button. <BR> <BR>The page does not respond.<BR><BR>If any one know why its not working please let me know.<BR>you can mail to<BR><BR>for more details<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Regards,<BR>c sudhakar.<BR>

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    Default sorry, can't help (yet)

    because we don&#039;t know *exactly* what you&#039;re trying to do.*

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