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    I know this is kinda off the topic, but can someone help me. I am looking for a software that can enhance a small photograph (about 60x60 pixels) when it is resized to abotu 400%. I have tried photoshop, imageready, photobrowser, paint shop. <BR><BR>It&#039;s just that we caught the guy who hacked into our ASP website and only have this small picture of him on the webcam. <BR><BR>Any help with digitizer software or anything would be GREATLY appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards and Thanks in Advance<BR>Digitizerman

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    Default Not Likely

    You will be hard pushed to find any run of the mill commercial software to do what you want.<BR><BR>Any image blown up 400% from 60x60 will look very ragged no matter what you use.<BR><BR>Maybe some high end systems which are dedicated to this particular job would do it, but do you have the high end money, or know the people who do this kind of thing for a living?<BR><BR>You ain&#039;t gonna get any better on your own, with any commercial software out there (that I am aware of)<BR><BR>*W

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    Default Squint your eyes <eop>


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    Default got connections in government?

    anyone???<BR>i know they have the software...with dedicated mother machines.<BR><BR>this is serious, please someone help me!<BR><BR>d-man

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    Default Sure they do....

    And it&#039;ll cost you a couple of mil to get your hands on it.<BR>That&#039;s why when you take a picture to a place that does this professionally, they charge you 10,000 for it.

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