Hi,<BR><BR>my access database has following fields.<BR><BR>person1,ratio1,person2,ratio2,perso n3,ratio3,cost<BR>a,20%,b,30%,c,50%,US100<BR>a,100 %,"","","","",US100<BR>d,50%,b,50%,"","",US200<BR> <BR>how can i use sql statement to cal the amount owned by diff user.the end result should be something like below.<BR><BR>a US120 (20% of US100 + 100% of US100)<BR>b US130 (30% of US100 + 50% of US200)<BR>c US50 (50% of US100)<BR>d US100 (50% of US 200)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help