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    Greetings,<BR>I have an MSAccess2000 db on my web server. I would like to retreive all records from table "foo" where the date is greater than the date stated in the HTML form. The HTML form builds a date from three variables for day, month and year. The free values at concatonated into one vairable called "StartDate". I have a SQL statement similar to the following but it doesn&#039t seem to work. Assistance would be appreciated from someone in the know. <BR><BR>StartDate = Request.Form("month") & "/" & (Request.Form("day") & "/" & Request.Form("year"))<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM foo WHERE start_date &#062; StartDate<BR><BR>I suspect I need to do some form of type casting to convert the variable string "StartDate" to "Date" format or something similiar to that. Does anyone have correct SQL code and syntax to ge this query to work?<BR><BR>Many thank,<BR>Kaustav

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    Try "wrapping" the StartDate variable with #&#039s<BR><BR>i.e. strSQL = "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE start_date &#062; #" & StartDate & "# "<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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