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    Can someone tell me how to insert Server.UrlEncode into this line:<BR>Response.Redirect("thankyou_ext.asp?custn um_form=" & custnum) <BR><BR>Thanks for your help!

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    well, me, let me tell me what i think me ought to know<BR><BR>i would do anything for me after all - i want the very best for me<BR><BR>if me is trying to ask, "how do i use Server.URLEncode in this line" then the answer for me is:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect(Server.URLEncode("tha nkyou_ext.asp?custnum_form=" & custnum))<BR><BR>did i answer me sufficiently? or does me want more from me? i&#039;m always willing to give me more

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    Default huh?

    I&#039;m guessing that you want to encode CustNum:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect(" p?custnum_form=" & Server.URLEncode(custnum))

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