Using Pragma No-Cache Header over HTTPS

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Thread: Using Pragma No-Cache Header over HTTPS

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    Default Using Pragma No-Cache Header over HTTPS

    I'm trying to download a file from a HTTPS site and when I use the Response.AddHeader Pragma No-Cache in my asp which handles the file transfer, I get IE cannot access the page requested and it aborts the file transfer.If I remove this header - it works fine.Also if I swich the site back to a normal HTTP site,the file download works as per usual.Any ideas why this is happening only over HTTPS?Any feedback on this would be much appreciated as I can't find anything on it on the web.....ta!

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    Since I&#039;m only shooting in the dark here. I have NO idea why it would be different other than SSL listens on port 443 instead of port 80.<BR><BR>Shouldn&#039;t make a difference, but who knows what&#039;s happening underneath the sheets?

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