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    I submitted the "Mystery Carriage Returns" question yesterday.<BR><BR>As it turns out Bill, you were overqualified to answer my question. In your sample code, you wrote a replace string using vbNewLine. Now I had mantioned that I had tried VbCrLf, and I HAD tried "VbNewLine" to no avail.<BR><BR>You are prolly already laughing at my mistake. (yes, I was using quotes in the replace function...)<BR><BR>Now that I removed the quotes and dropped the case on the &#039;v&#039;, my code works swimmingly. I won&#039;t tell you that I spent all day at work yesterday failing to see that little glitch.<BR><BR>Hey, even the smallest bullets kill right?<BR><BR>Thank you very much for both of your help...It is much appreciated.<BR><BR>A.

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    (1) vbNewLine and vbCrLf are 100% identical on all Windows machines. They *can* be different on Unix/Linux machines but don&#039;t have to be.<BR><BR>(2) VBScript ignores case in *all* variables and keywords and constants, so vbNewLine, VBNEWLINE, VBnEwLiNe are all 100% the same thing, too.<BR><BR>

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