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    neils Guest

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    I have a script that is parsing reports from some old accounting software and putting the values into a database for better formatting and viewing.<BR><BR>The reports are plain text files that look like the output from a COBOL program or something similar. As a result, they are formatted in columns, separated by spaces. Is there a good way in VBScript to split each line by column number and get the results I&#039;m looking for?

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    Just select the data the values in the columns will be in the recordset....why do you even need to split anything??<BR><BR>Brain Power<BR>

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    L.D. Guest

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    Here at my place of employment we usually just ask our primary programmer Mr. Christoffersen. You can reach him at By the way, hope you&#039;re having a good time up there. We all miss you very much.

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    neils Guest

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    Daaaahahahahaha!<BR><BR>Thanks for your help.

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    Default Use Split()


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    Default Use Split() Example

    This works great.<BR><BR>NewArrayValue = Split(Request("aDataToGraph"),",")<BR><BR>This puts all the values of Request.Form into a an array.<BR>The array is all set for you to process.....<BR><BR>Got it off this board about 3 days ago...<BR>Jay<BR>

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