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    Terrence McNally Guest

    Default Can I Make It a Capital Letter?

    I have a page that lists hundreds of names like "Doe, Jon" from a database. The DB fields are "firstname" and "lastname." Unfortunately, many people are sloppy and do not capitalize the first letters of the names. <BR><BR>Is there an ASP routine I can run to check if the first letter is capitalized and, if not, capitalize in when it outputs the database the Web page? Thanks.<BR><BR>Terrence

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    Default Code it

    SomeString = UCase(Left(SomeString, 1)) & LCase(Right(SomeString, Len(SomeString) - 1))<BR><BR><BR>where SomeString is the string you want to format.<BR><BR>

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    First_Name = Left(Ucase(rs("firstname")), 1) & Lcase(Mid(rs("firstname"), 2))<BR><BR>Last_Name = Left(Ucase(rs("lastname")), 1) & Lcase(Mid(rs("lastname"), 2))<BR><BR>Full_Name = Last_Name & ", " & First_Name<BR><BR>That should work barring any silly mistakes.<BR><BR>

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    Default What if ...

    Their surname does NOT begin with a capital letter ?<BR><BR>Many surnames begin with "de" which is often written with a lower case d. In my database there are well over 1000 people with names that genuinly begin with a lowercase letter

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    Akhilesh` Guest

    Default Isnt that

    middle name??<BR><BR>

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    Default Unfortunately not ...

    No, honestly it is the surname here are some examples<BR><BR>de la Cruz<BR>de Meyer<BR>de Monts de Savant<BR>de Szilberezki<BR><BR>Oh and of course<BR>zur Jacobsm├╝hlen<BR><BR>

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