I have an asp page designed to permit users (volunteers in this case) to select dates (month & day) that they will work during a given season. Depending upon their number of years of volunteer effort; they are expected to work from 13 to 24 days. Furthermore, in addition to selecting their "Preferred" volunteer days, they are requested to select 6 "Alternate" dates. Hence there are up to 6o drop down option boxes (30 date sets) on the form plus "Submit" and "Reset" buttons, as well as 3 additional hidden objects that get passed on to the subsequent asp page. <BR><BR>This all works perfectly in Netscape 6.0, but Explorer 5.0 seems unable to handle more that 23 date sets (23 month options and 23 day options); 46 drop downs. Any more, and the asp page is badly messed up, drop downs overlap, or do not appear at all. For fewer than 23 sets (with perhaps some variation from try to try), Explorer works fine as well.<BR> <BR>The page is basically vbScript; but has extensive JavaScript used to assure that no duplicate dates are selected, as well as no dates that precede the season start date. <BR><BR>Does anyone have any insight or information on this?