The missing 101Mb in Asp.Net

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Thread: The missing 101Mb in Asp.Net

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    Default The missing 101Mb in Asp.Net

    Beta 2 of Asp.Net is only 19Mb when beta 1 was almost 120Mb... What did they chop out?<BR><BR>I think we should be told

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    . Guest

    Default the truth is out there


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    kpw Guest

    Default wait a minute...

    It&#039;s SMALLER and you&#039;re complaining?<BR><BR>And I suppose you also enjoy the bloatware that MS Office has evolved into?<BR><BR>LOL -- this isn&#039;t meant to be sarcastic, I just think it&#039;s funny. Most people would rather have smaller applications and downloads.

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    Default Scully, are you suggesting that....

    The next beta of is lesser than the first beta?<BR>It might be just better engineering... much better.<BR><BR>They probably took out redundant stuff also.

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    Default Actually....

    If you downlaod the full Beta 2 framework as well....It&#039;s another 127 MB. For a total of 146 MB. Bigger than Beta 1 by 26 MB.

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    Default RE: Actually....

    Im confused<BR><BR>I think the Premiun edition (small dl) is included in the full framework beta - but i may be wrong.

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    Default What they chopped out...

    The Beta2 download from does not contain the documentation, quickstart, samples, etc. that Beta 1 continued. All that jazz is on-line or downloadable. The 19 MB download contains just the core .NET Framework classes, the VB.NET/C# compilers, the CLR, etc.

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