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    Hi all, I hope someone can help me here....<BR><BR><BR>I am trying to insert records into multiple tables using a stored procedure.<BR>The SP Parameters are requests from form variables. I am inserting information into a parent Table and im wanting to insert multiple child records from a multi line textarea field.<BR><BR>Here is the scenerio:<BR><BR>The user enters New Course info<BR><BR>CourseName,CourseLength,Certification, School...............<BR><BR>and also enters unit info for each year<BR><BR>Year1<BR>--------<BR>English<BR>French<BR>Maths<BR>Economics<BR><BR >Year2<BR>--------<BR>Management<BR>IT<BR><BR>I have created an Stored Procedure that inserts this data into the tables in the database but I cant create a seperate record for each unit<BR><BR>the Year1 values are taken from amultiline textarea field, i then split the value by vbclrf to give me a string i.e English,French......<BR><BR>How can I then create a record for each of these units?

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    how about using 2 separate procedures:<BR>one for inserting data into the parent table<BR>one for inserting the data into the child tables<BR><BR>?

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    So would I call the 2nd Proc from the 1st? if so how do I loop through the delimited string to insert multiple records??<BR><BR>See later posting for a beeter explaination

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