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Thread: 2gig access database?

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    helpless Guest

    Default 2gig access database?

    should i merge my databases into one, which will result in a 2.1gig access database with about 340 tables or leave them seperate. merging will make life a whole lot easier.<BR><BR>anyone with situation like this?

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    guru_access Guest

    Default are you mad??

    you wanna crash and lose everything you own???<BR><BR>i have 75 columns and that&#039;s pushing it. dont go more than 50meg with access...get oracle or something bigger if you need to merge.

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    Default No no no ! Don't even think of it

    You couldn&#039;t anyway even if you were mad enogh to try. The maximum size of an Access database (at least in version 97) in 1 gigabyte.<BR><BR>If your data is that large, you MUST consider converting to a grown up database (SQL Server, Oracle etc.) though you *might* just about get away with MySql but don&#039;t quote me on that.

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    Default Why dont you..

    Create a new access database and then *Link* all the tables to this new database, that way you get advantages of a single database while each database is still in it&#039;s own file.

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