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    swapna Guest

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    Hi friends,<BR><BR>I am very new to this asp technology. I have one ocx component which was developed my me for my previous vb project. Can i use the same component inside my asp page script? IS there any registeration process involved..?<BR><BR>Please help me inthis regard..<BR>thanks<BR>swapna

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    Here is an article on 4Guys that talks about using ActiveX controls on your web page.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Anand Mikkilineni Guest

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    hi swapna,<BR>If u rusing MTS you have to install the component on MTS<BR>or else you have to register the component on your PWS or<BR>IIS in their root directory using regsrvr32.exe utility.<BR>have fun<BR>bye<BR>Anand Mikkilineni

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