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    Hos do I have ASP automatically submit a form (IE: without someone physically having to click a button) I&#039;ve tried using this syntax:<BR>document.XMLFORM.submit() <BR><BR>But I get an error saying "object not found "<BR><BR>I have a form called XMLFORM<BR>HELP!<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>

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    Default Nothing to do with ASP...

    ...and your code *should* have worked. *IF* you put it in the right place. (Typically, &#060;BODY onLoad="document.FormName.submit();"&#062; works best.)<BR><BR>ASP can NOT submit a form in this way. Only the browser can.<BR><BR>Note that JS is case sensitive. If you form is called xmlform, then XMLFORM will *not* find the form and you would, indeed, get "object not found."<BR><BR>

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