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    Im trying to get a cookie value thats from one directory thats different from where the cookie&#039;s directory resides. a user gets authenticated in the forums directory, but, I want the user to be authenticated across the site, and not just in the forums directory. To do that, Im trying to get the cookie value at the root directory. so right now, I have this bit of code that retreives the cookie values in the forums directory(which works when run from this directory). <BR><BR> uname=Request.Cookies(&#039;Snitz00User&#039;)(&#0 39;Name&#039;)<BR> upass=Request.Cookies(&#039;Snitz00User&#039;)(&#0 39;Pword&#039;)<BR><BR>I tried using an include of the exact code like this<BR>&#060;!--#include file = "../forums/cook.asp"--&#062;<BR>from the root directory, which to me should have worked. but the values become undefined. Now Im wondering if I can skip the include and just grab the values, but I dont know if thats possible. Im using serverside javascript. anyone know what I can do? tx for the help. <BR>

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    Default The only thing I can tell you... that no matter *where* you #include code from, it *still* runs as if you had written it right in the current ASP file, from the current directory, and thus in the current "Application".<BR><BR>One thing you *could* do would be to drop the sub-Applications on your site. You can still have the sub directories, but move to only one Virtual directory and only one Global.ASA. <BR><BR>Other than that, you might be hosed?<BR><BR>

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    Default cool man.. tx for the help

    cool man.. tx for the help

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