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    When using server components can you call a function which will return multiple variables.<BR>My "GetMessages" function is supposed to return 5 variables but when the ASP reads the line of code to go to this function it gives me the error. (tstView is the object created)<BR><BR>.... "Type mismatch: &#039tstView.GetMessages&#039" .......<BR><BR>I know the function works properly as I have written a vb Client which does the job and the connection etc is OK as I have already called a function earlier in my code.<BR><BR>Any Help<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>John Cullen (

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    make the Server component return a string and then delimit your variables by commas like "value1,value2,value3" . In your ASP code parse the return value from the component using Instr(returnvalue,",") and then if you know the data type of your retuen valuse use something like CInt or CCur etc. Hope this helps ...

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