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    fl1rt Guest

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    is it possible to capture and point to a customized page to handler this type of error?<BR><BR>eg:<BR> can cause a error403 if no index files are present.<BR><BR>will point to /customerrorhandler.html<BR>?<BR><BR>regards<BR>fl1 rt

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    Ian S Guest

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    If you use IIS 4 then you can use customized<BR>error message pages. In the MMC open up the<BR>website properties and in there under<BR>&#039configuration&#039 you can specify the path to the<BR>403 error message page.<BR><BR>hth,<BR>Ian S

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    fl1rt Guest

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    thank you - that&#039s just what I wanted to know, to see if it was possible, the same as an error 404 custom page.<BR><BR>this is something that my host will have to do from their server<BR>side.<BR><BR>cheers again

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