Moving from Access to SQLserver.

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Thread: Moving from Access to SQLserver.

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    I recently created my first asp site... the db was done in access. The site is doing fair and now I would like to upgrade to sqlserver too have faster query times and more allowable connections to the db.<BR><BR>I have never used sql server.<BR><BR>is there any quick way to migrate an access db over to sqlServer... they are both microsoft products so I would think this would be the case.<BR><BR>If anybody has any perls of wisdom about this process please pass em on (so I can know what Im getting into before I start)<BR><BR>thanks

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    You can easily import an Access database into SQL.<BR>What do you have for SQL management? If you have an SQL client seat you can use the DTS wizard. <BR><BR>You can manage SQL database with several othr tools such as Interdev but I do not know what the import process is for that. It should not be hard.<BR><BR>Rob

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    Default or..

    You can use import,export in Access too..

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