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Thread: Need to remove an entire project

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    Embarrassed Guest

    Default Need to remove an entire project

    I set up a new project using VI 6. The project resides in a folder under the Default Web Site.<BR><BR>How can I eradicate the new project entirely from my server?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve done this before, but it&#039;s been a long, long time.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Um...

    Open the project up, go to the project explorere, right click on the project, and hit Delete Project. That should take care of it...

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    Default where is.....

    Captain Obvious when you need him.

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    arjuna Guest

    Default RE: where is.....


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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Hey man...

    I just answer em when they ask...:)

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    Default hehehe, yup

    but, then you need to change your name to be...<BR>something along the lines of.....<BR><BR>(hey dumb-bum)<BR><BR>that just seemed like something Captain Obvious would have jumped all over... (that question)<BR><BR>:-)

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    The RUKiddingME Kid Guest

    Default Dum daaaa DUMMMMMM!!!!

    cape flapping...

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    Embarrassed Guest

    Default bring on captain obvious

    I need to remove the site under the Default Web Site, as well.<BR><BR>Look, I know this is a stupid question, but I haven&#039;t had to do any IIS admin or touch VI in a year now. Mostly a bunch of PERL stuff.<BR><BR>From an interface perspective, it seems that one should be able to remove the site from the IIS console. No dice (that I can see).<BR><BR>Sorry for the stupid question...

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    dumb-asp Guest

    Default what the - ?


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    Default RE: bring on captain obvious

    Just bring up IIS Manager, click on Default website, and delete the little biznit.<BR><BR>or, when you right click on Default Web Site, click on Home Directory, and point it to another folder, with new stuff.<BR><BR>just delete it.

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