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    Mark Guest

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    Hi all,<BR> I have some XML I want to parse and it has something like the following:<BR>&#060;image&#062;pictures/dir1/dir2/picture.gif&#060;/image&#062;...<BR><BR>I want to extract the content inside the tags using a regular expression but I don&#039;t know how - any ideas?

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    Why regular expressions??<BR><BR>

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    arjuna Guest

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    use SAX or DOM

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    mark Guest

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    ?? What are they?

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    mark Guest

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    why not.

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    arjuna Guest

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    the XML DOMDocument object is a microsoft object that allows you to access nodes, properties, etc., of an XML document. it does this by basically creating in memory a representation of the document. it is very easy to work with, but a little bit of a memory hog. here is more info on it:<BR><BR>the SAX object parses an XML object from top to bottom, raising events for every element, attribute, etc., that it encounters in its journey from top to bottom. it is very fast (in comparison to the DOM object and also not as much of a memory hog) but programming for the events it raises is a little more tricky. more info on SAX:<BR><BR>if you have any more questions, don&#039;t hesitate to ask

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