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    Razzi Guest

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    Hi All,<BR><BR>Does anyone have sample code how to use CDONTS.Message object?<BR>I need ASP page to send email from NT 4.0 server with 2 files attached. CDONTS.NewMail seems does not support multi file attachments. I have been told to use CDONTS.Message coz it has this feature using attachments collection, but I cant find code example anywhere. If anyone knows how to do that and have sample code please help me.<BR><BR>THANX<BR><BR>Razzi

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    always the first stop for M$ objects.<BR><BR>j

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    Razzi Guest

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    Thanx... but I have been there .. and other places. There are no examples of code. All other web sited have exactly the same theory. I need SAMPLE.<BR><BR>

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