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    Jerry T. Guest

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    Good morning everyone,<BR> I am in the design process of a form that after submission generates the necessary code to copy and paste into the clients pages. My question, is there a guideline or tutorial to follow for this topic? And also, can I not just use check boxes to validate the use of say a content header? And what would be the proper syntax for an IF THEN for an include file?<BR> Such as if chkbox1 = True then &#060;%= &#060;!--#include file.html"--&#062;<BR><BR>Is this possible? So that if checked then the proper html will be put into the generated page...<BR><BR><BR>Thanks for the help!<BR><BR><BR>JT

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    &#060;%<BR>if chkbox1 = true then<BR>&#060;!--#Include file.html--&#062;<BR>else<BR>&#060;!--Include file.html--&#062;<BR>end if

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    forgot my<BR><BR>%&#062;

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    Jerry T Guest

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    Thank you for your speedy reply. Have a good day. If you have experience in this kind of project, the DOs and DONTs are really appreciated. Thank you again.<BR><BR>JT<BR>

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