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    Dr. Trefusis Guest

    Default LIARS WANTED

    Established team of liars seek to recruit new members for upcoming projects. Interested?<BR>Contact

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    Default If I said no, would you believe me?

    Ha ha, sorry I couldn&#039;t resist a little joke like that. BUt I might be interested, though I would need a bit more information than just "liars write me please."<BR>And anyone who tells you they would do it without any more info is well...lying.

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    Default The truth hurts ...

    so lying is the only decent thing to do.<BR><BR>--- Save people pain - lie to them ---

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    Default I'm crap at lying

    figure that one out<BR><BR>atrax@readthe****

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    Not prepared to learn Guest

    Default I'm just crap

    I did read the manual, it just didn&#039;t seem to explain who to to a response.write. Also I wanted it to explain in detail (print all the code) how I can develop an E-commerce site with free Email (all I need is a mixture of Amazon and Hotmail).<BR><BR>So as the manual didn&#039;t help, could you please post the code hear for me.<BR><BR>I need to have my site up and running by the end of the week, so please post the code, I&#039;ll get around to learning Asp afetr the site is live. So don;t bother sending any advice etc. as I jest NEED THE CODE.<BR><BR>

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    Default blimey

    a true stereotype.

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    Senoir El Pene Grande Guest

    Default Go away please.

    This forum is for legitimate questions about ASP not for writing the code for you.

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    Default is this sarcasm?

    sorry, messageboards lack a certain amount of &#039;tone of voice&#039;<BR><BR>plus I&#039;ve been to the pub....

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    Not prepared to laugh Guest

    Default Don't be so paranoid

    Well, given the title of this thread, I would have thiught that you *might* have spotted that that post was a spoof.<BR><BR>BTW, if that is meant to be Spanish, you really ought to go back to school :)

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    Senoir Don Gato Guest

    Default My spanish spelling is not so good.

    What did I spell wrong?

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