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    I am currently developing a system that requires users to have their settings in Internet Explorer (Internet Options) set to -<BR>&#039;Check for newer versions of stored pages&#039; -AUTOMATICALLY<BR><BR>I need a script that checks the settings and prompts the user to change them or changes them automatically.<BR><BR>any help appreciated

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    Culture Guest

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    Don&#039;t believe that you can detect the browser settings for page check. I would look at the default (which i think is "automatic") and then expire your content straight away.<BR>In other words<BR>Content.Expiry = -100000 (zero means expiry now, but the minus figure allows for time zones behind yours..)<BR><BR>You cannot change the client settings from the webserver (how dangerous would that be?)..<BR><BR>Also look at META tags for content expiry (as that is what the client checks)

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    You cannot. As said by culture, that would be very dangerous. It was made a point by all browsers that no language could change the settings clientside like that. The best you can do is post a note or alarm or whatever on your site that tells them to set it. However making the user change their settings to view your site is not very good web-site design in the first place. So the best thing to do would be find away around that "need."<BR>For instance this page talks about a way of doing something similar to what you want.(changing the settings clientside preferences, in this case disabling the back button and finding a way aroud it by checking to make sure the page is refreshed to the newest version everytime the page is viewed)<BR>

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