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    hi all,<BR><BR>no direct ASP problems as such this time, but I&#039m looking for a very good and cheap / understanding (possibly free!) web host to host my redirection system.<BR><BR>it could be bigger than V3&#039s - so I&#039m open to suggestions.<BR>I&#039m not a server side techy kind of guy but what implications are there for a server that&#039s hit 1,000 000 times per day?<BR><BR>or should I look into get some funding for my own server?<BR>suggestions / costings etc are much appreciated<BR><BR>regards<BR>Derrick

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    I would recommend going with one of the exclusively NT systems web host. They all have plans that allow for very large web sites (dedicated servers, clustered servers, etc.)<BR><BR>You can read about the big three web hosts at http://www.4GuysFromRolla.com/webtech/hosts.shtml.<BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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