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    Hi,<BR>When i use CDONTS for sending a mail, the mail gets queued up in the &#039;Queue&#039; folder under inetpubmailroot and is never sent.<BR>How to overcome this problem?Any SMTP related issues / any special server settings need to be done?<BR><BR>Thanking in advance<BR>Boris

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    It sounds like you have a configuration prblem with your SMTP service. It is hard to say where the problem is. I assume &#060;evil word&#062; that you are the server admin.<BR><BR>Try the following<BR><BR>Stop the SMTP service for about 1 minute and then restart it.<BR><BR>Try restarting the machine<BR><BR>Try reinstalling the SMTP service. Make sure you re-run the Service Pack after unistalling the SMTP service and then again after re-installing the SMTP service<BR><BR>You will have FAR less problems with SMTP service if it is on its own IP Address. If the SMTP service is sharing an IP address with another site/service move it to it&#039;s own.<BR><BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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