Hello there, I&#039;m having problems with some script and I was wondering if anyone can help.<BR><BR>The following code passes information in the field "desc" to another page.<BR><BR>To populate "desc" it checks if the qtyx value is &#062;0 and if so , adds the contents of qtyx and descx to desc. x can be up to 29.<BR><BR>The problem I have with this code is that it checks OK for &#062;0 and adds qtyx and descx to desc, but only if one qty is &#062;0. If more than one is chosen the next record in the list overwrites the previous one whereas I&#039;d like to to append the next one.<BR><BR>the code reads as follows:<BR><BR>***** start of problem code<BR>// Code to generate a dynamic description! <BR>for (i=1;i&#060;30;i++){ <BR>if (eval("document.BuyForm.qty"+i+".value")&#062;0)<B R> <BR>document.BuyForm.desc.value = eval("document.BuyForm.qty"+i+".value") + eval("document.BuyForm.desc"+i+".value")<BR>}<BR>} <BR><BR>}<BR><BR>***** end of problem code<BR><BR>I know that if I add a "+" on the final code line it will do this, but then it repeats each value.<BR><BR>Please could you assist me on this, I&#039;m really stuck!!<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>Mark