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    Hi!<BR>I have a wish for a script...maybe someone here can help me out?<BR><BR>I&#039;m using two web servers, one is local on my computer, and usualy running when my computer is on, the other is my school&#039;s web server and is running 24/7.<BR><BR>What I want to do is to have a script on my school&#039;s web server, which will include the contet of a web document on my local server if my local server is running; if my local server is not running, I want the script to display a message saying "Sorry, the server is currently offline".<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to go about this type of script???<BR><BR><BR>Best regards<BR>-aeon prime

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    do you have a static IP on your home machine? if you don&#039;t (and most dial-up machines definitely don&#039;t) then that idea is screwed anyway.<BR><BR>j

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    It stays static unless i release it...and if I ever release it, I have FTP premissions to my school&#039;s web server of course, and will simply update the ip.<BR><BR>Do you have any idea where to start with such a script?<BR><BR><BR>Best regards<BR>- aeon prime

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