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    if i update a record with date()<BR>and then later on search for a record with the criteria date() it comes up eof ?<BR>even though it has updated the record in the database.<BR>Do i need to do anything different when searching for <BR><BR>"where hitdate=" & date()

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    Big Time. Depeneds on what database you are using<BR><BR>In Access<BR>"where hitdate = #"&Somedate&"# "<BR><BR>In SQL<BR>"where hitdate = &#039;"&Somedate&"&#039; "<BR><BR><BR>Rob<BR>

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    Default *OR* ... if using Access...

    "...WHERE hitdate = Date() "<BR><BR>That is, do *NOT* get the Date from VBScript code. Just let Access get it for you! Most VBS functions are *also* available in Access, since it is based on VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and VBS is nominally derived from VBA.<BR><BR>

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