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    Andy Tabar Guest

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    I just wanted to compliment everyone who contributed to "Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 day". You guys really did an awesome job...<BR><BR>I have been reading for a few days now and I am already starting to make my scripts. And boy do I have a blast doing it!! It is alot of fun to me.<BR><BR>One question I it worth it buying this book or is the next version of ASP coming out soon? I probably sound like a dufus ... but I would like to make sure it is worth it :)<BR><BR>Thanks again!! I&#039;m glad I got this from the library!!<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Andy Tabar<BR><BR> &#060;= My Web Site which is being launched in 2 days!! :)

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    Hey there Andy.<BR><BR>Thanks for you kind words. ASP.NET is currently in Public Beta 1, although Beta 2 is right around the corner. The official RTM version will probably be before 2002.<BR><BR>So... the "official" release of ASP.NET is still a good six months away (a conservative guess). In fact, you can learn all about ASP.NET from the many good articles at the ASP.NET article index:<BR><BR><BR>In fact, I have a new book coming out that is geared toward ASP.NET developers. It is for intermediate to advanced ASP.NET developers and is named: ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming, and thanks for your kind words on my first book!

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    Andy Tabar Guest

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    Thanks, Scot...<BR><BR>So is ASP.NET the next version of ASP? How different is it?<BR><BR>Thanks!!<BR><BR>Andy Tabar<BR><BR>

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