I am building a 3-part intranet application and I need help with one part, the middle part. Basically it works like this:<BR>User goes to a form to create a new "document". The form data then submits to a database. What I also need to do is have the data placed into a word document template so that I can attach it in ASPMail (the ASPMail part is done) and send it off....<BR>The word doc would always look the same, just the field data would change based on user input.<BR>I assume a Response.ContentType equivalent for word (like there is for Excel) wouldn&#039;t be what I want since this downloads to the client? I was thinking I need to have a word template somewhere on the server and populate this template somehow from the form?? If so, is there more to it than that? Any help appreciated.<BR>Thanks,<BR>K.