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    Hi<BR><BR>I have a problem with the FilSystemObject.<BR>I have built an online control panel. When a user logs in, I want all the operations he does recorded in a logfile.<BR>But when I use the .CreateTextFile method, the server returns a "permission not allowed" error, whereas I can edit existing files. But if I need to delete a file, it accepts, but I cannot create a new one, which is quite ennoying.<BR>I checked the permissions on the server, and it seems everything is OK !<BR><BR>So what&#039;s the problem ?

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    Could be 3 in my experience.<BR>1 - You need Read, Write, and Change (R,W,X) permissions on the directory.<BR><BR>2 - The file name could be blank<BR><BR>3 - You are pointing to the wrong directory<BR><BR>How did you create the files you deleted?<BR><BR>See here too<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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