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    Hey all, I really need some help here. We&#039;ve been using the CDONTS to send emails form our website for months now and it&#039;s been working great. However, about a month ago it just stopped working. Actually, it sends emails once in a while (maybe 1 out of 50 gets through), but for the most part, the emails either never get sent or never reach their destination. Any ideas why this would happen all of the sudden? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!<BR><BR> -Drew

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    I have had the same problems with the CDONTS I was only sending test messages with my Desktop running PWS on Windows 2000, there is a way to view the errors, look into the folder called BadMail and this will tell you the errors that are being thrown. I don&#039;t know how to fix this problem I have posted the same question here many time and have recieved no reply. I guess that is why Developers are using ASPEmail on thier server as opposed to the CDONTS, I run the CDONTS on my server at work which supports a list server and it works without fail "I Dunno".<BR><BR>Spider

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    I had this problem. My application was working on one server (development environment) and it was fine but when I moved all pages to master environment I started having the same problem... email just are not being sent. Problem was coz server generated error message 550 Relaying is not allowed and it would leave unsent messages in the wwwmailrootQueue folder and also put there files with error messages for each email unsent. Solution is to setup IIS so relaying will be allowed (or you can enable it with condition) .. I am not sure how to do that but that solved my problem. Consult with your IIS SysAdmin

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