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Thread: session object as tablename in statement

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    Default session object as tablename in statement

    I have tried as many combos as I can think of for trying to insert a session object into the following :<BR><BR> "TableName",dbconn, , ,adCmdTable<BR><BR>where "TableName" has to be replaced by session("login") - I can&#039;t sem to get it right and hit with syntax errors!!!<BR><BR>" & session("login") & "<BR>"&#039;" & session("login") & "&#039;"<BR>" session(&#039;login&#039;) "<BR><BR>Please help!!! It&#039;s driving me crazy....

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    SteveW Guest

    Default Try using a Variable

    Try using a variable to refer to your session and use the variable in you <BR><BR>I can&#039;t work out why a login would need to equal a tablename, but this might help.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Try using a Variable

    I&#039;m using the login to equal the tablename so that users will only be able to input thier orders on thier own specific table - there won&#039;t be many specific tables generated by ASP, but the tables that users create, there may be a lot of duplicate information with different tender prices which I can&#039;t afford to let the other clients who generate the tables see... more for security than anything else. Only have them able to view and update thier own tables which tie in with the login and password.<BR><BR>So, any way to have the session object or change it to a variable like Steve suggests?

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