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    Marg Guest

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    Hi!<BR> Maybe you can help. I have been searching for quite some time for the answer or an article to explain how to:<BR><BR><BR>Make static pages (My database has 1000 products.) that can be indexed by search engines! My pathetic self is VERY afraid that it will entail weeks of work. :c( Will it? Do you know of a good link or article that can explain an easier way of doing it that I have conjured up in my brain? (1,000 static pages!)<BR>Any info will be greatly appreciated.<BR>Marg Davison<BR><BR>

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    RobT Guest

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    All search engines entail weeks of work. Thy don&#039;t list you for 8 - 20 weeks in most cases.<BR><BR>Database apps will rank well in some engines and not well in others. Unless you have a substantial amount of static information on the page you may not do well.<BR><BR>There is far more to it than building your pages. <BR>Getting your site linked from several other sites<BR>helps a lot. If those sites rank high and you are linked from them you will bump up in the listing.<BR><BR>You really need to tackle this one on your own and keep trying. It takes weeks. Here is a great read.<BR><BR><BR><BR>RobT<BR><BR><BR>

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    Charles Guest

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    Take this answer as thinking out loud! This is how I plan to try to get my database driven pages into indexes.<BR>1.) Use a products catagory field in the database<BR>2.) Use a page description field in the database<BR>3.) Use a keywords field in the database<BR>4.) Use meta tags in your database driven pages for keywords and description<BR>5.) Now whether you use queries by catagory or just list like products, the page will contain related keywords and descriptions that the search engines looks for.<BR> Many database pages just list the data and forget to put information that is in normal static pages.<BR><BR>Hope that this points you in the right direction!

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