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Thread: ASP and PWS

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    Meraj Guest

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    When i am running an asp file in Personal WEb server, instead of getting executed, it shows the ASP code. What do i do?

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    Are you accessing the file like this in your address bar...<BR><BR>http://yourcomputername/wwwdirectory/filename.asp<BR><BR>Let us know.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Meraj Guest

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    I am using IP address of the system for executing the ASP files, something like this.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Before executing the ASP file, i am placing it in the scripts directory under WEBSHARE directory created under &#039Program Files&#039 directory, as it is the home directory for PWS.<BR>

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    kevin Guest

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    The root directory for presonal web server is c:/inetpub/wwwroot<BR><BR>try keeping your asp pages/directory under this directory.

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