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Thread: output from trigger to ASP page

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    neils Guest

    Default output from trigger to ASP page

    I have an asp page with SQL statements in it, which fire a trigger. Is there any way to get output (debug statements, for example) from the trigger to to asp page that is executing?

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    Default A hack?

    Have the trigger do DELETE FROM DEBUGTABLE and then INSERT INTO DEBUGTABLE. That table might have only one field: the text of the debugging message from the trigger.<BR><BR>Then you can SELECT * FROM DEBUGTABLE and return that either from the current query (problematical, unless the current query wouldn&#039;t normally return anything) or from a subsequent separate query.<BR><BR>

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    neils Guest

    Default RE: A hack?

    that&#039;s what I&#039;ve been doing, i was hoping there was a better (prettier) way.<BR><BR>oh well.<BR><BR>Thanks Bill

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