When I use asp page to connect into sql server without transaction script , server returns data.<BR><BR> When I try use transaction script to retrieve data into page, server returns error /distributed transaction error or asp 500 error/. This looks as server doesn&#039;t support transaction.<BR><BR>but when i implement sub transactiononerror metod , metod is succesfully runned .<BR><BR>I don&#039;t understant this , I&#039;m begginer in transaction script.<BR><BR>But locally, on my win2000 server it&#039;s works, I use <BR>this connection string<BR>constr1="DRIVER={SQL SERVER} ..."<BR>and on real network<BR>constr2="provider=sqloledb ..."<BR><BR>Maybe sqloledb doens&#039;t like transaction script. But I must show him , that this is future.<BR><BR>PLEASE , if you have some suggestions , please reply me . Even little advice will be usefull...<BR><BR>thanks