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    Bob Dole Guest

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    Just one quick question about using getrows<BR>after i have used getrows to put the values into a 2-d array how do I put just get one column of data into a 1d array? for example if i have a 4x4 table of data, how do I get an array of column 1?<BR><BR>sorry, i&#039;m sorta new to VB....<BR><BR>Bobby<BR>

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    Default Why do you WANT to?

    Oh, well...<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>... get the RS ...<BR>records = RS.GetRows<BR>Dim foo()<BR>ReDim foo( UBound(records,2) )<BR>For row = 0 To UBound(records,2) <BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; foo(row) = records(DESIRED_COLUMN,row)<BR>Next<BR>...<BR>%&#0 62;<BR><BR>But why do it? Why not just use records(DESIRED_COLUMN,row) directly instead of copying it to a separate array?<BR><BR>Only reason I can think of is so you can do a JOIN on the array to produce a string?<BR><BR>

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    Bob Dole Guest

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    It would be easier to keep track of. <BR>I thought there would be a better way then copying it directly like that. <BR>

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